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School Council

Every school has a school council—a group focused on helping all students succeed.

School councils are groups of parents, community representatives, teaching and non-teaching employees, students and the school principal. Through the active participation of parents, school councils work to improve student achievement and enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.

Dates of ZOOM Council Meetings for the 2020-2021School Year

Our council meeting are the first monday of every month (except December, March, June) from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm.   Please join us.

Dates:  September 9th, October 5 , November 2nd  January 11th, February 1st, April 12th  and May 3rd


We wanted to take the time to share with you some news from Parent Council.

The 2020/2021 Council members are:

Co-Chairs:Brie Robson & Jessie McIsaac

Secretary:MaryLou Hopson

Charlotte Skanes

Tracey Constant

Johanne Douma

Amanda Davidson

Jude Le Brun

Patrick Brown

Deshe Moondi

Jeni Pergentile

Michelle Munroe

Jason Waldman

Angela Zirnhelt

Teacher Representatives: Marlene Macklin, Melissa Dore, Joanne Garratt

Community Representative: Carole Madsen

Office Admin/Principals/Treasurers: Bonnie Dermott, Greg Blakeley,

Jennifer Frans

We just had our 3rd monthly meeting over Zoom, and have come up with a small amount of fundraisers that we will run this school year. Due to Covid-19 we will not be able to run our Fall Festival, Valentine’s Dance-a-thon, Spring Fling, Kidney Clothing, etc. We realize that many families are more concerned than ever about finances and we want to be sensitive to that. As always, participation in school fundraisers is completely optional, and we understand that not every family can contribute to each one.

We have chosen 2 fundraisers that have previously been very successful:

1) Big Box of Cards, which will be available in the Spring. Each box has 33 beautiful cards for only $33.

2) Cookie Dough, which will be available the end of November, for pick up before Christmas. Prices range between $8-$18 depending on what you choose to order.

The office will be running Vista Gift Cards. This fundraiser is super easy. You purchase gift cards and then spend them as cash when you’re shopping. There is a huge list of options, and by purchasing through Vista, the school receives a percentage back from each card. So with this specific fundraiser, you are not out any extra money than what you would be spending on personal groceries and shopping. Win-win!

Finally, because Hot Lunches are cancelled this year, Dominos has offered us a very exciting new fundraiser! It’s called Raise The Dough. You purchase a pizza card that gives you a $15 coupon and multiple buy 1 get 1 free pizzas for the duration of the 30 days. This coupon will be $20 and will be run in February.

Thank you on behalf of our entire Parent Council team for any and all fundraising efforts! It truly enhances our entire school! We are very proud of our school community!

Stay safe!

Brie & Jess

 September 21, 2020 Parent Council Meeting.pdf

Nov 2, 2020 Zoom Parent Council Meeting.pdf

Support for school councils is provided by the Simcoe County District School Board’s Parent In​volvement Committee.

School Council

Well-being and Mental Health Resources

Why join us on school council?

Involvement in school council is a meaningful, hands-on way to have a direct, positive impact on your child’s educational experience. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child’s education, the level of student achievement increases.