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Classes and Staff Members

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. Many teachers use the Remind App to keep parents informed throughout the year, make sure you subscribe!

Position​Staff Member
​PrincipalE. Short
​Vice-PrincipalJ. Frans
​Kindergarten​E. Nolan,  J. Broerse, M. Lynch, K. Dossey
​Grade 1A. Cranford, L. Beaudry                  Gr 1 FI      B. Hazell, H. Kim
​Grade 2J. Turnbull, K. Roberts                    Gr 2 FI      S. Higham,  C. O'Malley
​Grade 3J. Turnbull, R. Fullan                      Gr 3 FI       D. Villaruz, K. Bray
​Grade 4​T. Godfrey, S. Byl , R. Fullan           Gr 4 FI      C. Synnett
​Grade 5​S. Byl, D. Ireland
​Grade 6N. Marques, D. Ireland
Grade 7N. Marques, S. Twine, P. Mitchell
​Grade 8​S. Twine ,P.  Mitchell, J. Garratt​, 
​FrenchC. Hickson,  R. Gherzan
​Special Education​C. Price, M. Macklin, N. Demott (L.C.), L. Heys (D.S.)
​LibraryM. Dore
​Planning TimeJ. Parker, A. McGregor
 FI Planning   R. Gherzan, J. Kee
​Educational AssistantsK. Nielson, A. Cunningham, C. Murray, , C. Avila
L. MacDonald, J. Cosman, R. Teal, M. Albanese, A. Bassi, L. Valencia
​DECE's​M. Anderson, K. Cochrane ,E. Zorenkova, J. Daniels
​Administrative Assistants​B. Dermott, M. Kivell
​Custodial Staff D. Flynn, A. Muser, M. Zuleta,  J. Elliott & M. Coyle
​Online Teachers
​A. Antal, K. Cullen, N. Butler, M. Zoltak, B. McMillan