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Fall 2018 Staffing Changes

Friday, October 05, 2018
Friday, October 05, 2018
Friday, October 12, 2018

October 5, 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians;

Fall is always a busy time for families and schools and this year has been no exception. We have had many staffing changes over the last few weeks, so I’d like to summarize them in this letter to give you a clear picture of what’s been happening here.

1. Mlle. O’Malley was our FSL/FI Planning Time teacher, she is now one of our Grade 2 French Immersion classroom teachers. This took effect on Monday, September 24. This position has been filled with a supply teacher while hiring took place.

2. Mme. Webb will be joining our FSL/FI team as the Planning Time teacher, effective Tuesday, October 9. This affects our Grade 5/6, 7, 7/8, 8 classes as well as a few of our French Immersion classrooms.

3. Mrs. Nelles has accepted a position at another school, she was here on Day 5s in our Grade 3 classroom working with Mrs. Aiken. Mrs. Seguin will be joining us to take over Mrs. Nelles position on Tuesday, October 16.

4. Mrs. Centracchio was in our Kindergarten classroom in the role of DECE working with Mrs. Beaudry, but has accepted a position at another school. Mrs. Tellier will be joining us on Tuesday, October 9 to assume that position.

5. Ms. Hall (DECE) in our kindergarten class has been off on a medical leave that has recently been extended. In the meantime, Mrs. Murray has been filling in.

We often begin each school year with many educators in temporary positions due to a variety of reasons. As permanent positions come available within the SCDSB, educators are applying for these jobs and leaving their temporary positions. Now that the dust has settled, we are in a good place to move confidently forward. We wish all our departing staff members continued success in their new roles and we welcome our new team members as they join us at ECES.

Enjoy your long Thanksgiving weekend!

Mr. G. Blakeley

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